ay im codin ova hea. updated may 15 2024. added one new thing to the text section. sorry for going MIA - after my scrollbar image links broke for the second time i got crazy demotivated, so for now, that sections under construction. oops!Scroll here pal!Im ian and im the owner - i guess - of this carrd.my links - advice for html related shit or whatever, helpful & fun links you can use for html/css i particularly favor, and my promo code, WOJAK !if youre looking for something Über-specific like heart hover fart click to expose sludge bucket type shit i guarantee you someone elses carrd (like this) will have it and mine wont. im here to write complete dogshit tutorials and occasionally add new things.Mycket snart öppnas portarna till en ny dimension.© Jodian LLC 2024 (totally not yanking your chain rn)

Text stuff

Text shadow
text-shadow: -1px 0 black, 0 1px black, 1px 0 black, 0 -1px black, 0 0;

Cooler text shadow
filter: drop-shadow(1px 1px 0 black) drop-shadow(-1px 1px 0 black) drop-shadow(0 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(0 -1px 0 black);

Text stroke + shadow
text-shadow: -1px 0 black, 0 1px black, 1px 0 black, 0 -1px black, 0 0, 2px 2px 8px black;

Text shadow w/ gradient
background: linear-gradient(red, black);
-webkit-background-clip: text;
-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;
-webkit-text-stroke: 1px black;

Shitty vertical text
writing-mode: vertical-rl;
text-orientation: downwards;

Text stroke w/ selection border
filter: drop-shadow(0px 1px black) drop-shadow(0 -1px black) drop-shadow(1px 0 black) drop-shadow(-1px 0 black);

Fading text
filter: drop-shadow(0px 1px black) drop-shadow(0 -1px black) drop-shadow(1px 0 black) drop-shadow(-1px 0 black);

ok theres just a bunch of really awkward blank space down here so ill just show you what the shit above is supposed to actually look like

More drop shadowfilter: drop-shadow( 0 1px black) drop-shadow( 1px 0 black) drop-shadow( 0 -1px black) drop-shadow( -1px 0 black) drop-shadow( 0 2px white) drop-shadow( 2px 0 white) drop-shadow( 0 -2px white) drop-shadow( -2px 0 white) drop-shadow( 0 3px black) drop-shadow( 3px 0 black) drop-shadow( 0 -3px black) drop-shadow(-3px 0 black) drop-shadow(1px 1px 0 red) drop-shadow(-1px 1px 0 red);

More Tumblr wobble, curved text, bouncy text, bouncy letters, rainbow text, glowing text, scramble text, marquee, marquee that pauses on hover, tooltip, tooltip that follows cursor, custom text highlight, marquee with wobbling textStuff kinsta went ape shit over in '21 popping text, horrible shaky text, floating text, awful glitchy text, bro just look at MF2FM

Scrollbarsstill a wip. Only visible on desktop :< sorry mobilebrosNote: you cant see/use any of these on firefox because, for some reason, mozilla hates the html enjoyers :/also you can make your own here. fun!

CR chngmis on twitter :) link

i have no idea what to write in order to make this scroll for the demo.

yeah im just gonna quote random shit from the saw movies for a little while

"I forgive you." -Jeff, Saw III

"You know never to go through an unsecured door." -Hoffman, Saw IV

"Get the fuck out of here." -Jigsaw, Saw IV

[Screams as he is thrown through a car windshield] -Evan, Saw 3D
'84 mac scrollbar. link

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text
'97 mac scrollbar. link

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text
CR dakedres on tumblr! link

oh boy i gotta say a bunch of shit to make the scrollbar thumb somewhat small

what? lorem ipsum? no youre gonna watch my jokerfication in real time

you know ive been really wanting to rewatch the saw films recently. is that a sign i have bad taste

idk i enjoy all the good ""horror"" movies like a good boy and all but sometimes i want like a really unhealthy, greasy burger of a franchise.

unrelated to horror and mid movies but ive decided im gonna watch under the red hood my bad
dark windows 98 scrollbar. link

my back is hurting so fucking much ohhh my god

ive been staring at this tab on w3 for a solid 2 minutes like a goddamn moron bro i think its safe to say i aint got too many other topics to wring dry

man i zoned out again. no i never watched joker (2019)
Windows XP scrollbar :) link

you ever watch the butterfly effect? i watched it last night (the directors cut) and im STILL in a bad mood.

fuck man literally the same amount of depression i got from watching the poughkeepsie tapes. outing myself as a moviebro but FUCK

also im like 90% sure the dude who plays foggy in the daredevil netflix show played... uhhh.... lenny in that damn movie too

sorry to be that guy who goes HOLY SHITTTTT when i see an actor in 2 different shows or movies but its wild to me

like how aj from the sopranos played some random bully kid in the 2003 (sorry) daredevil movie with ben affleck and beat the shit out of a recently turned blind matt murdock
CR ps1 on tumblr! funey windows 98 scrollbar. link

see id talk about saw some more but fuck man thatd be my third scrollbox just filled with that shit. youd think i have a PHD in saw. so i will resist

you ever watch silent films from the late 1800s? theyre creepy as shit and dear god they look awful

check out the newark athlete silent film from 1891. peak cinema. kino in every sense of the word. taxi driver, get out of here! suspiria, fuck you! mysterious skin? NAH!!! its NEWARK ATHLETE TIME!!!
whatever this is scrollbar. link

ok ive had enough of saying random shit to make these things scroll so instead ill just .... you know

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text
Red XP scrollbar Link

How delightful. Amazing even. Nothing better than a red scrollbar - this one also has horizontal scrollbar settings.

ehhhhhhrug not this shit again


just remembered my digital escape

Scroll bih

Recent updates

DECEMBER 30 2022 - ok i give up on logs because i ju-- (fart sound plays)yeah i forgot to add an update to the log multiple times now so i give upDECEMBER 19 2022 - splattered a fresh coat of paint onto this nightmare of a carrd, added more shit

Older updates

NOVEMBER 29 2022 @ 7:03 AM - finished most of it. Finally unpriv'ing.... i guess. nvm the layouts ugly again
NOVEMBER 29 2022 @ 4:07 AM - restarted construction on this carrd
Somewhere in early to mid november '22 - started working on this carrd but made the layout too complicated. Scrapped.Uhh... i got this url in... january of '22? either that or april. i have no fucking clueok not jan or april nbecause thats when the codes.crd.co twf kys pic was still up. prob like july or something then

Pic stuff


box-shadow:0 0 5px 5px red;


border: 1px solid black;
box-shadow: 3px 3px black;



(Hover) Link

🗿Aaaand another blank space im very happy to announce may or may not be getting filled soon



(Hover over ocelot)
(guy above)

More CLASSIC white lace border, Fun frilly pink lacy border, desaturation on hoverEXTRA! animations

TutorialsA crash course in learning gridHow to center container divsAdding sound effects to images
(pro plus only, ill write a tut for standard at some point)
Adding custom fonts to carrd (friendly to both pro plus & standard)How do i do custom cursors please i need helpQuick guide to tooltip (pc only)MY MARQUEE IS TOO SLOWWarning: im fresh ass at explaining but i swear im trying

Learning gridand what is grid, you - who im sure hails from kinsta or kpop twitter, ask?its a religion, a way of life, something you must dedicate your very being to -Nah, im kidding. Grid is just a nice layout system you can use to position elements next to each other in a neat and orderly fashion, which is quite simple to boot - the only problem ive had with grid is misspelling its properties like a dumbass.Now then, ill get into the basics.1. Make a container div.
pretty simple stuff, but ill make it even simpler for you.
Paste #cont {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 50% 50%;
in between your <style> & </style> tags.
#cont is your selector which you will use in your html to contain the elements going into it!
display: grid; is what makes the property below it work - you need this property & value to make the stuff below do what it needs to do.grid-template-columns: 50% 50%; is where the real magic happens - i used 2 values in my example to give you 2 columns, but you can add even more via adding more numbers. the numbers themselves define your individual columns' width, which can be defined however you please in em, px, auto, and whatever else width values you can think of.2. make your column divs.
you can make your columns share the same div (which ill be doing), but you can make them use different ones! now, onto my example.
Paste #column {
below #cont, still within your style tags. with your css knowledge, you can give your columns heights, borders, backgrounds, paddings, overflows, you name it!
3. Enough talk, time for the html.
below your style tags and now within <body> and </body>, write your html.
I should probably challenge you with this, but im complete ass at explaining so i'll just paste the html here.
now, paste <div id="cont">
<div id="column"></div>
<div id="column"></div>

between your body tags, and youll have your ticket to the city baby!!! you now have your grid base which you can design however you like, and fill with whatever nonsense you can think of.
"but ian, how can i make my columns have a space between them? If i use a border they look like shit clumped together like that." Fear not, young student, for there is a property for that.
grid-gap: 5px; is what youre looking for, but feel free to change that 5px to literally anything else. paste this into #cont.
now, my apostle, make something real neat and clean with this knowledge i have bestowed upon you.My example is below - i used W3Schools to test this out, which is also shown in the screenshot.

Centering container divsPretty easy stuff, just paste this into your container div's css.margin: auto;
position: absolute;
top: 50%; left: 50%;
transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%);
This should be your result below.

Misc stuff

Box shadow cool fun border (weehee)
box-shadow:inset -1px -1px #0a0a0a,inset 1px 1px #dfdfdf,inset -2px -2px grey,inset 2px 2px #fff;

box with pixel making it draggable (on pc). do whatever w this man. linkTyping tab titleMarquee tab title
(^ ill add previews + a quick tutorial on these two soon) also if you have the bouncy tab title feel free to direct me to a pastebin/w3 link so i can slap it here too

Scratch filter + demo
NOTE:this doesnt look right on mobile
vhs text + "demo"flip card + "demo" + aboutflicker filter + "demo" + quick guideflicker w cool text + "demo" + guide98.css, xp.css, and 7.css**Note: 7.css doesnt work on carrd

draggable (on pc) 98.css box - alternate link to the gif above here because i wrote instructions in that thing and carrd crunched my shit up. link


wip for now im bored

Wips i havent updated this since mid 2023 but ill keep it here AND in my navi as proof of my hubrisThis is for future plans & updates. Like the rest of this carrd is, this section is for myself as i have a complete dogshit memory that spans backwards only a few days before shit starts getting pushed outAdd bases, tutorial for draggable funny things, work on that empty fonts section, tutorial on spans, add more content to the images section + maybe a quick tutorial on how to make your own masks, mayhaps more link css...? more will probably come to me as im trying to sleepi started writing a tutorial on tooltip but a headache suddenly cracked its way through my skull so ill get on that another time. this is all i got rn lmfao

Flip cardsyeah this is for the people who can hold their own with html/css. i linked some random dudes version on codepen instead of the pastebin ver linked on callie because for some reason, the pastebin ver wouldnt work for me.anyway the entire gimmick of this is to hover over, like, an image you can paste in, then itll flip over to whatever the fuck you want really.i made the back a wacky little about page because i was bored and wanted to do something i could add to this carrd. for my ""demo"", i used grid, a little bit of absolute positioning for the feelsjak, a single marquee, a couple of spans and even a few hovery things because i like them. also the custom text selection you can find here.idk i just thought this was rather neat because its essentially a catalyst for whatever you wanna make! aside from maybe fucking up the base html you shouldnt mess with, i doubt youll have too many problems with this one. base you can immediately start customizing here.hell, you can even use it like this. whats stopping you? the world is your oyster!i'll get to writing a tutorial on this soon i swear

Flicker effect/filterthis is another thing for those who can easily write their own html/css. also, i tested this out via just pasting it in an embed on carrd and it works! go nuts broanyway, just paste all your shit, artfully craft a container div, and make sure to write <div id="wrapper"> before you do anything. close this tag with </div> and write whatever you're trying to make between these tags!NOTE: use this with a dark background.here's what your code should look like below.

Flicker with cool textbasically just follow the instructions youll find here but replace "wrapper" with "crt".here, ill make it even easier for you.<div class="crt">
<!--your content goes here, whatever you put between these 2 div tags will be under an overlay effect and text will have like a warp effect i guess-->
NOTE: use on a dark background. unlike in the instructions i linked, make sure to use "class" instead of "id".also, this is carrd friendly and should automatically convert text without strokes or shadows to the flickery fun shit.

Pooh's Adventures of MEHello dear friend im the admin of this carrd hee haw what a joynot much to say about little ole me.... i like music, watching movies i dont like and getting mad at them, the occasional video game, bkah blah blah.carrd hereanyway theres a couple of things i made down below. i dont make much shit anymore so i dont have too many things to show offfeel free to remake or take inspiration - just show me what you made because i think itd be neat! :-D

Music stuff
no live previews. anyway below all this shit ill write a quick guide on how to use your own songs

Ian's comments yeah i got midway through this then saw someone on neocities has every goddamn music player to have ever existed listed there so im just gonna casually direct you to scripted if none of these catch your eye.EDIT 3/14/2024: scripted got merked so ive linked the web archive of said music page instead.Guide its pretty simple to drop your own songs in here.<audio id='musicsrc' loop src='put your shit here'></audio> there you have it. just paste your link in between the apostrophes or quotation marks.in order to HOST the file you want in there, i recommend dropbox or catbox - once youve uploaded your file, click around for the link.if youre using dropbox, now you have to edit your link a bit otherwise it wont work. hey, stay with me here.look at this link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9n6kg83z8nqdnm9/reverb.mp3?dl=0okay, now remove the 'www' and replace it wil 'dl', then remove the '?dl=0' tacked onto the end. your link should now look like this.https://dl.dropbox.com/s/9n6kg83z8nqdnm9/reverb.mp3also, no, i did not shamelessly plug my favorite song or whatever. its a link to a goddamn fart sound that echoesanyway, there you have it. simple as that.

Adding sound effects to images on click (pro plus only atm)if youre on desktop i have a live preview wedged into the corner of this carrd! for those on mobile, ill add another one down below this.

fun stuff. anyway now for the actual tutorial to startFirst things first - you need the link to your sound effect/song/whatever.
at the bottom of the music section i wrote a little tutorial on where to upload your files & what to do with the links! id kindly suggest you check it out if youre new to this kind of stuff.
anyway, once you have your link looking like this
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/zcxcm788quzwjo2/sh2%20item%20pickup%20sound.mp3 with "www" replaced with "dl" and youve removed the "dl=0" from the end of it, youre ready to go on ahead. catbox users dont need to worry about this step.
<audio id="sound" src="Dropbox Link Here" preload="auto"></audio> into an embed and replace "dropbox link here" with the link you have.
now, add an image to your carrd.navigate to the settings of this image and click events.alright. now paste this into that text box.
and youre done!you can add as many sound effects as you want to your carrd, all you need to do is replace the audio id ("sound" by default) with some other word and edit your events code snippet's 'sound' to whatever youve changed the audio id to.

Quick guide to tooltip (this only works on desktop - sorry mobilebros) NOTE: REQUIRES HTML & EMBED USAGE. finished on 6/30/2023what the fuck is tooltip? considering you should probably only be reading this if youre able to use it, hover over an application on the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen. after a moment, the application's name will pop up within a white box. that, my friend, is tooltip.getting into the good shit ok so for this im gonna be using this snippet - it follows your cursor as it rakes over the respective element you put it on, then disappears once you stop hovering over the element.in terms of customization, anything below style and design is open season.ok now ive got that off my back lets get into the technical shit.most people just use tooltip for images, links and regular text that can be hovered on. i had live previews for these examples but the javascript made my site load time super fucking bad

you can slap tooltip on just about any element in html. spans? sure. text customizers like em, strong and strike? go for it. entire ass divs (like containers or whatever)? you got it bro.<a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" title="this is where you insert the tooltip text" class="">hey lois its peter if you need any extra help my cbox is always open</a> is the format for adding tooltip to elements - <a> is just an example element you can wedge data-toggle="tooltip" title="this is where you insert the tooltip text" class="" right beside in the first tag.and thats that! i hope i didnt explain this too clumsily - i dont even know where ive been for the past month

Importing custom fontsi feel like most carrders know this but i havent updated in a couple of days sooooooo here you go i guessstep one. find your font
just scroll thru sites like dafont and download whatever shit you want
step two. upload that shit to dropbox/catbox. like usual, any dropbox links need to have "WWW" changed to "DL" - and remove everything after ".TTF, .OTF or .WOFF".step three (pro plus). make an inline embed in carrd and paste this into said embed
@font-face {
font-family: font name here;
src: url(put your link in between these brackets);

You can change "font name here" to anything really, it doesnt matter.
step four (pro plus). navigate to the text you want to slap your custom font on, select settings, go to styles, then paste font-family: font name here; into text. it should be at the top.
you should be good after doing this step.
step three (pro standard). if you want everything on your carrd to be the same custom font, i gotcha.
replace the pasty shit above with <style>
body {
font-family: font name here;
@font-face {
font-family: font name here;
src: url(put your link in between these brackets);
into your embed and everything on your carrd should be the same font.
note: if youre gonna change "font name here" to something else, make sure to change it everywhere instead of just in font-face because if you change it in just one spot it wont work.
if you want some text to just be that font instead of the whole ass carrd, just paste this into an embed i guess
#txt {
font-family: font name here;
@font-face {
font-family: font name here;
src: url(put your link in between these brackets);
<div id="txt">ehehehe look lois im html in an embed on carrd</div>

obviously replace the family guy bit with whatever you want your text to say
Note: where the embed here is placed matters because if you place it at the top of your builder your text is gonna be at the top of your page. if you want it in a container, place it exactly where you want the text in the container.
"But ian! i cant customize my embedded text like i can in the regular carrd text styler, its just black text thats kinda small!" Look over here for the absolute basics on customizing the text in "#txt".

The most basic of CSS basics - text edition
this ones gonna be fun.
you can only use one text-align value but anything else here is fair game. make your shit as cool as possible.

text-align: left;

text-align: center;

text-align: right;

background: lightblue;

color: red;

border: 1px solid black;

font-size: 1.5em;

font-weight: bold;

font-style: italic;

font-family: jokerman;

Ext. these are just things i can think of off the top of my head - you can specify whatever color you want really, and you can also use hex codes + rgb.fuck around with the size of your text too. the lower the value (like, say, 0.75em), the smaller your text will be. U can use px too!i believe by default your embedded text will be aligned to the left so if you want it aligned differently just fuck around with the shit i pasted up top.you can also slap anything from text stuff in between "#txt"'s brackets, but i made this section for the most bare-bones of basics.

AdviceQuick link to choosing fonts and site color schemes here.Should i get carrd pro standard or pro plus?Tbh id say you should only get plus if youve fallen down the html/css rabbit hole and also want as much convenience as possible - you can do some pretty neat shit with pro plus especially with utilizing markdown and basic css to make text dope as hell while not even using embeds. Fun stuff.How do you get into html/css?Personally i got into it because it looked fun and you can customize the absolute shit out of whatever you make so if that sounds appealing to you....... go for itI started learning via w3schools and looking at their visual tutorials while completely ignoring the written guides as im a visual learner.Also as i said a while back, early on i started making my own shit via frankenstein-ing other peoples stuff and seeing what worked and what didnt work. Also mozilla.org helped me a fuck ton and tbh i still use it when i need help!Theres no shame in not knowing how some things work and tbh i miss when i had no idea how to do ANYTHING so i just absolute positioned the hell out of everything i made.

LinksIf youre looking for ways to stylize your links, youre at the wrong page - here is where you wanna goHelpful html/css sites
w3 tryit editor
w3schools as a whole actually
lovespace carrd! U can find some really cool stuff here
HTML basics carrd
into HTML written by one of the old codes.crd admins
HTML cheat sheet
CSS cheat sheet
CSS filter generator
CSS striped background generator
CSS gradient generator
Misc. sites and bookmarks
ublock origin (best adblocker in the world bitch)
web archive
follow that page (track site updates and shit)
screentogif (best application for gif recordings and ive used it for multiple years now)

(these can also be used on text but i cant imagine why youd want to use most of these like that)
also i forgot to clarify these on display are for pro plus by default but if you replace ".weeble" or whatever with your image's id (like #image01) it should be all fine and dandyheres a gif to show what they actually look like for anyone getting cucked by the sites load time not letting them view these properly

(Hover.) Link
quickly threw this one together for something i want to make

(On site/section load.) Link

On site/section load. link

On site/section load. link

More i did not want to display because youve already seen them a million times and some look AWFULFloating image, shaky image, "popping" (...?) image, goofy rotating image, glitchy ugly image, aaaand image just eternally spinning around

Adding custom cursors to carrd or html desktop only btwwell this ones pretty simple id say.look at this css snippet.<style>
html, a, a:hover {
cursor: url(https://64.media.tumblr.com/fa5e0737f465ad2f7c591df98c0496e0/e421920703343e33-44/s2048x3072/35f8e0a121325b0901b4aa09abb03df9ae721082.png), auto;
by default its a knife but if you replace the unfeasibly long link wedged in between the parentheses with whatever you want your cursor to be (though you kinda need to upload your png somewhere like discord, catbox or dropbox), youll have whatever you want really.if you dont want to make like a hamburger cursor or some bullshit like that and instead just want the funny question mark thing that pops up on links and shit, here you go.<style>
a:hover {
cursor: help;
theres other cursors like the question mark that dont require a link to an image and simply require whichever word that will specify them. heres a link to a list.also you can go look at cursors-4u to find a real zinger custom cursor. if youre on carrd, use the universal css/html code you see pasted above the stylesheet code.if you have access to a stylesheet, well... im sure you know what to do.

Nothing much, you?

maybe its for the best if you dont use fancy ass fonts that are hard to read in your actual site content because they usually look like shit when theyre not just used for like your name or whatever AND clutter your content up. when choosing a main font for your site, please choose one that is easy to read.

same goes for choosing the color scheme of your site, because lets be real, pink so light it looks like the water that drips off watermelon against white looks like shit and is virtually unreadable. heres an example ill quickly whip up. i swear ive seen at least 10 cutesy ass carrds like this

alt link here. YES i made a whole ass bit to demonstrate as i have nothjing better to do

How to change marquee speedsAnd no, im not talking about Marquee Moon by the American rock band Television. Im talkibg about fun text that moves across your screen.Alright so heres your html snippet
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="15">
That's an insult to the PEZ community.
Check out the scrollamount="15" bit. This ones easy as fuck: replace that 15 with a higher number if you want it to be so fast you probably cant even read it. I think the default speed without defining a speed is ... 10?Here let me dumb it down for you like crazy.Higher number than 10 = faster than default speedLower number than 10 = slower than default speedWANT IT EVEN MORE DUMBED DOWN? I feel like im in a tim and eric skit but here we go.Bigger number = fasterSmaller number = slowerSO THERE YOU GO! also the text in that snippet is from what is probably my favorite scene from Pawn Stars. I need to bring back the embedded corner video on desktop for that one